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evolve dynamicz dance company

co-founder & artistic director

“When the 2021 Olympics pole vaulted the topic of mental health and athletics to international attention, I immediately thought of Evolve  Dynamicz 2019 LUCIDITY concert. LUCIDITY didn't just present dances that expressed how it feels to live with mental health conditions, they created a supportive environment for artists, medical professionals, and audience members to share questions, resources, and stories together. As we grapple with life after the Great Lockdown, we need artists like Lisa and Nicole more than ever to guide us into meaningful exchanges about preventative care, compassion, and vulnerability.”

— karen Krolak, Monkeyhouse. 2021

“[...] a multifaceted, yet effectively understated exploration of group dynamics.”

—Dance Informa, 2018

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mission statement

As artists, we seek to confront the challenges of a millennial life with a sense of openness and vulnerability. Our work embraces these challenges with curiosity, intimacy, playfulness, and a deep- seated passion for movement. Our interests in improvisational composition, site specific choreography, and collaboration with our dancers are brought forth in our choreographic processes.  With this, we aspire to continually experiment with new vocabularies, ideas, collaborators, and mediums of expression— we are committed to sharing our passion for dance with audiences in all spaces, of all types.

about evolve dynamicz

In October of 2015, Evolve Dynamicz was established by Lisa Giancola and Nicole Zizzi with the hope of creating a repertoire to share their mutual passions for life and movement. Evolve has presented four full evening length shows, SPACES [2017], circumnavigation [2018], our first sold out production LUCIDITY [2019], REVIVE [2021] in addition to other works presented  in the New England area. Some of our notable performances have been  Boston Contemporary Dance Festival 2018 and 2021, movingimages film festival in Cypress 2020, as well as a film commission and performance and The Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA. Evolve Dynamicz has become an oasis for our unique group of strong-willed dancers— as we each face our own individual life challenges, we support each other and find common ground through the arts of dance, choreography, and movement.

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