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Nicole was born and raised in Buffalo, New York where she started dancing at the age of 2 at Eugenia’s Dance Studio. She trained in ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, lyrical, and Polish Heritage dancing. At the age of 18, Nicole started school at the University of Rochester where she studied Physics and Dance. In Rochester, she worked for the URMC Center for Brian Imaging Lab doing computational image analysis and trained in contemporary dance with mentor Missy Pfohl Smith—artistic director of BIODANCE and director of Program of Dance and Movement at the University of Rochester. After graduating college, Nicole moved to the Boston area where she quickly found herself immersed in the rich and vibrant Boston dance community.  In October 2015 Nicole and her dance partner, Lisa Giancola, founded their own company; Evolve Dynamicz. Nicole teaches various movement workshops and classes around the Boston area for both adults and primary school-aged children. Her pedagogy focuses on building confidence and agency in movers through tools such as strength training and improvisation techniques. Her most recent project with Evolve Dynamicz explores how dance can be used as an educational tool when learning abstract mathematical concepts at the collegiate level. Nicole has recently completed her Master's of Architecture at Northeastern University where she is continuing her research with the Center for Design, investigating how dance may be used as a tool for creating data curiosity as a step towards data literacy. 

Photos by Jeremiah Washington


Nicole Zizzi

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