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equations of choreography 

personal project, 2016


Co-Choreographed: Nicole Zizzi & Lisa Costello

Premiered at Onstage Residency Showcase

September 2016

Performed by Evolve Dynamicz


Choreographing a dance can be very similar to the design process involved in creating architecture.  Here, a very specific type of choreographic planning is demonstrated which involves movement equations, circulation diagrams, and floor plans.  This piece was collaboratively choreographed in terms of physical movement creation.  Both Nicole and Lisa, artistic directors of Evolve Dynamicz, came up with movement phrases that lasted for 4 and 8 counts of 8 respectively.  Each dancer in the piece was also given the chance to contribute their own movements to the collaboration phrase defined in the “Movement Key” as the “collab combo”. After each of these movement combinations were established, the music was broken down in 10 sections based on counts of 8.  From there, movement equations were created for each dancer, differentiated by color. The floor plans correspond to the dancer placement, as viewed from above, at the end of each music section and the circulation diagrams correspond to dancers movement  across the stage space during that section of music.

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