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Harvard GSD Career Discovery Program, June 2015

Left: Vellum and Lead Drawing

Right: Foam Core Model

This project was prompted by two clients— Bert, the retired astronomy professor and Alexandra, the ballerina.  Ironic in it’s relation to my personal interests in physics and dance, I chose to emphasise harmony in contrast and opposition with this project.  Bert was presented with claustrophobia and bad knees, while Alexandra was presented as agoraphobic, tempestuous, and not fond of surprises.  The project began by exploring how the same motif may be explored in contrasting ways, this was meant to initiate the harmony in opposition.  The conclusion became an architectural compromise of both expansive and enclosed systems that communicate through the horizontal and vertical planes of the 49’x30’x36’ lot.

Upper Left: Bristol,Model

Lower Left: Vellum, Lead, and Felt Tip Pen Drawing

Upper Right: Bristol and Pen Drawing

Lower Right: Yarn and Chipboard Model

A few explorations of the line were performed— simple in concept but easily manipulated. One of these was in relation to a controlled system of code across three dimensions as to appeal to Alexandra’s preference for predictability. Another exploration pulled from tensor mechanics as used as the mathematical basis of the Theory of Relativity in Astronomy to appeal to Bert’s interests.

Left: Trace Paper and Marker Collage

Right: Vellum, Lead, and Marker Drawing

Here is another exploration of the line in the layering orthogonality in a two dimensional collage.  The collage correspondence to the transition of Alexandra’s enclosed spaces to Bert’s expansive spaces while rising in elevation as seen in the floor plans.  

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