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blue lights

installation design studio, Northeastern University 2018

Class: ARCH5155-Options Studio
Instructor: Mary Hale
Work Time: 12 weeks


This semester long project aimed to shed light on Northeastern’s existing blue light system and other safety infrastructure.  The system consists of strategically placed blue light signals intended for emergency situations. They are accompanied by call boxes that are usually placed right under the blue light, however upon initial investigation we discovered that a majority of the campuses call boxes were not easily visibly from the position of the blue light. And so, early designs included flood lighting of the call boxes as well as a centralized educational installation.  Due to budget constraints, balloons were used as a visual a attractor on the call boxes. The final installation was open for five days in the campus’s student center and was intended to provide a space for conversation, connections and awareness of safety on the Northeastern campus.

This project was collaboration by all 10 students in the course. 

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