Encompassing Freedom: An Excerpt Reshaped 

Choreographic research may be defined as an exploration of movement ideas through the manipulation of choreographic elements such as time, shape, space, effort, and movement.  Meanings may emerge as different elements are explored in depth.  This piece of choreographic research takes movement combinations from the choreographic work FREEDOM (see below) and places them in an architectural environment. The piece that emerges has an entirely new implied meaning, yet all movement is the same.  

Movements explored in FREEDOM have a sense of groundedness and release.  The intention of placing these movements in a vertical, sharp, and linear architectural environment is to create a juxtaposition with the organic, circular movements.  This intention did not go past the aesthetics as a choreographic research is meant to bring about new findings.  The exploration here was purely spatial and the results bring about new awareness in both the space and the choreography.  



© 2018 by NICOLE ZIZZI.